What does Xatapult do

Xatapult is a company that offers support for Content Engineering and XML processing in the broadest sense of the word. This support ranges from consulting to design and from developing to hosting processing applications. A full overview of Xatapult's services can be found here.

Xatapult is professional, reliable and delivers on time. We communicate clearly and lay down agreements. Documentation is not an afterthought.

Located in Groningen, the Netherlands, Xatapult works with customers across the Netherlands and abroad, often in cooperation with other companies. Xatapult can offer additional services or cooperate in projects under another company's name.

Xatapult is a one-man company run by Erik Siegel. Erik has extensive experience in automation. Since 2009 he specializes completely in Content Engineering, XML and related subjects.

If necessary, and always in close consultation with the customer, Xatapult looks for cooperation with other parties to get the job done.

 e-mail:  info@xatapult.com
 tel:  +31 - 6 -