Who does Xatapult work for

Supporting John Benjamins in managing their eXist based websites and XSLT transformations

Content and IT Architect for Infinitas Learning. most importantly for their Dutch subsidiary Noordhoff Publishers.

Documenting the Dutch Exam Profile: A IMS QTI based standard for the exchange of digital exams in The Netherlands.

Content analysis and transforms of several content production environments for the Dutch educational publisher Malmberg.

Writing a book about the XML application platform eXist. This is published by O'Reilly.

Developed a conversion application that takes Adobe Indesign files (IDML) and turns them into an XML format suitable for an iPad app.

Conversion software from an Excel spreadsheet to the XML format for the pension fund

Preliminary investigation about how to change the current PDF application for creating the course manuals into something more versatile: Not just creating PDF's but also other formats and opening up the possibility of direcr interfacing with other systems.
Refactoring of very large and complex XSL-FO transformation.

Main technical lead in developing two important XML based standards: Uitwisseling Leerresultaten and NL QTI.

Creating and maintaining a large XML processing application based on Cocoon. Various other XML and architectural support.

Trainer for the courses "Introduction to XML" and "XSLT Programming". Development of the XSLT course.

System architect for the creation of the Passie voor Horeca ("A Passion for Catering") application. Also responsible for the interfaces between the various underlying systems.

Tailor-made XSLT course (Func is now Dutchworks).

Workshop "X-Rated XSLT" for employees and customers.

Several research projects and assignments. Building an XML processing application for the Dutch Postcode Lottery (Nationale Postcode Loterij).

Interfacing between several systems. Design of XML schemas concerning the administrative processing of advert traffic.
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