Advice on the application and processing of XML

Xatapult can advise you on the application of XML within your business process. Together we can assess what applications should look like, which standards play a role and which software is the most suitable.

Design of XML structures

No XML message or document is the same. A clear definition of structure and meaning is important for all parties (humans and machines). Basic techniques are DTDs and schemas. In addition, extra documentation is usually necessary.

Design of XML processing applications

XML from one system is often not suitable for another. It often requires conversions. This can vary from something very simple up to very complex 'split and merge' operations. For example, several XML files can result in one output file. Or one input file can be turned into several output files. At the same time, it is important to take into account the references to accompanying files (such as PDFs, pictures, sounds and movies). An XML processing application takes care of all this.

Interface design based on XML

Two systems that communicate with each other nowadays almost always do this by using XML messages that are sent through an interface. This requires an underlying protocol like SOAP or REST. The messages exchanged have to be designed with care so that both parties know where they stand. The form of such a design is usually a description, completed by accompanying XML schemas and examples.

Hosting of XML processing

Not every company sees the need to create their own infrastructure for an XML processing application. This may be because it concerns a temporary situation or because of maintenance issues. Xatapult offers the possibility to host XML processing software through the SaaS model.

Building XML applications

Once you know what you need, the XML software still needs to be realised. Sometimes this concerns single XSLT transformations, but it may also be necessary to build a whole new processing application. Building XML applications also forms part of the services portfolio of Xatapult.

Courses in XML related subjects

Companies often wish to have the know-how in-house. Xatapult offers customised training courses in the field of XML. Examples: XML in general, XML Databases, XQuery, XSLT and Cocoon.

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