Advice on the application and processing of content

Xatapult can advise you on the application of content within your business processes. Together we can assess how to solve problems, which standards apply and which software is the most suitable.

Design of content structures

Unequivocal design of structure and meaning of content is very important. It ensures that all parties involved (man and machines) know what they’re up to. In case of XML, techniques like DTDs and schemas are used. Additional documentation, both on the functional and technical level, is usually necessary.

Design of content processing applications

XML from one system is often not suitable for another. It often requires conversions, for instance from authoring tools (also Word and Excel) to complex medium-neutral XML structures. Content processing applications are often written using XML specific programming languages like (like XSLT, XProc or XQuery) and run on specialized software (like eXist or Cocoon). Xatapult specializes in these languages and environments.

Standardization related activities

Standard play an important role in the content world. Examples are DocBook, DITA or IMS related standards like QTI. Xatapult can advise you on the application and use of standards. Important here is also the creation of so-called profiles: Company and situation dependent adaptations of standards to purposively structure content.

Additional XML support activities

Xatapult supports companies that either lack the resources or the skills for general XML related activities. For instance in writing transformations or schemas.

Hosting of XML processing

Not every company sees the need to create their own infrastructure for content processing applications. This may be because it concerns a temporary situation or because of maintenance issues. Xatapult offers the possibility to host content processing applications through the SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

Courses in XML related subjects

Xatapult offers customized training courses in the field of XML. Examples are XML in general, XSLT, XQuery, XProc or eXist.

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