Xatapult: Content Engineering

Xatapult is the company of Erik Siegel.

Content engineering, XML processing and technical documentation are the fields I specialize in. My company Xatapult supports companies that either lack the knowledge or the capacity in these fields of expertise.

I have a technical IT background. After 20 years working for sev¬eral large and small companies, in jobs ranging from pro¬grammer to architect, I started my own con¬sulting company in 2001. Starting 2009, I specialized in content engineering and XML.

I am deliberately looking for projects on all levels: from consulting to application development. Actual experience is important in giving advice.

My ability to explain things, either by providing training or writing technical documentation, is an important non-technical skill. I am the author of two XML technology related books.

For more detailed information see my CV or LinkedIn profile.

        Erik Siegel

(Photo by Maaike Siegel)

 e-mail:  info@xatapult.com
 tel:  +31 - 6 - 53260792